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Advanced EMT Program – Overview

Application deadline is November 27th, 2019.  Application acceptance and enrollments are done on a rolling basis.

Class of 2020 begins on Tuesday, January 7th 2020 at 6pm.

Contact N. Alex Cutsumbis for further details or info: or 412-647-3643

The faculty of the Center for Emergency Medicine consists of experienced educators, prehospital providers, registered nurses, and emergency physicians. We have developed educations program to equip students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to develop as medical professionals. Throughout the program, students receive instruction in the art and science of emergency medicine through lecture, lab, and clinical education in the hospital and field. The curriculum involves students in these components of education concurrently. This enables students to master theory and practical application quickly.

The Center for Emergency Medicine is accredited by the PA Department of Health as both an Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support education institution.


The Center’s program consists of 200 hours of didactic education and laboratory education, and 168 hours of clinical education. The didactic material provides the foundation for understanding the purpose and objectives of clinical treatments. We believe that this is the distinction between the professional and the technician. This philosophy provides the rationale for the development of a comprehensive classroom curriculum.

Laboratory training provides a safe and effective opportunity for students to develop psycho-motor skills and apply concepts to clinical decision-making. The Center maintains an extensive array of training manikins, models and equipment specifically for practice of the psycho-motor skills of patient care. The Center also takes advantage of the latest technology for educational purposes. We maintain a state-of-the-art computer laboratory with the latest educational software and Internet access.


This program has been designed for completion over 16 weeks, it does required a significant time commitment on the student’s part. The program meets at EMS West Office, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for didactic portions and at the Center for Emergency Medicine on Thursdays for Laboratory portions.  These didactic and laboratory portions represent a commitment of 12 hours per week.  Clinical and field time represent an average of an additional 12 hours per week.  This is a total of 24 hours per week that students need to be in class or in a clinical experience.  This does not include travel, studying and homework completion time. Students are expected to complete clinical and field rotations during non-class time.