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Application Process


Class delivery method may change based on shelter in place guidelines. Students must have reliable internet access for classes that may occur in an online web conference format.

Since admission to the Center for Emergency Medicine programs is competitive, seats are limited. We highly suggest that you apply early. To be eligible for enrollment in any of the Center for Emergency Medicine’s Paramedic Programs, the applicant must be:

• 18 years of age or older
• A High School graduate (or equivalent)
• Currently certified as an EMT in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or
a Nationally Registered EMT1
• Capable of all duties and requirements
as described on the Functional Job
Description of the Paramedic2

To apply to the program, the candidate must submit a completed application. A completed application will include:

• High school and/or college transcripts. If applicants have earned more than an equivalent of 60 college credits, a high school transcript is not necessary.
• Two sealed letters of evaluation (you must use recommendation forms).
• Copy of current EMT certification and CPR certification.1

Students are admitted to the program based on their academic history, personal statement, two letters of evaluation, and a phone interview conducted by faculty from the Center after all application material has been received.


After you have been formally accepted by the Center, you will be contacted by mail as to your acceptance into the training program. If you are accepted, a $300.00 deposit will be required to hold your seat in class. This deposit will be put toward your tuition and is non-refundable. You are required to be certified as an EMT (Pennsylvania or National Registry) and have a physical exam (including blood work) completed to start the program. If you are not accepted into the program, a letter of explanation will be sent. Most applicants will be given the opportunity to resubmit an application for acceptance into a future paramedic-training program.

Students with EMT certification from other states who are not Nationally Registered must apply for Pennsylvania certification.

PA DOH/BEMS will accept applications from those seeking reciprocity into PA if they can provide proof of affiliation with a PA Licensed EMS Agency.  APPLICATIONS WITHOUT PROOF OF AFFILIATION WILL HAVE 120 DAYS FROM THE APPLICATION TO PROVIDE PROOF OF DOCUMENTED PROOF OF AFFILIATION WITH A PA LICENSED AGENCY.   You can also have the Center for Emergency Medicine provide you with a letter stating that you are a candidate in a PA accredited EMS Educational Institution.  

  1. If you are currently in an EMT Program, you can still submit your application and write ”pending“ where the application asks for your EMT Certification number. Prehospital experience is strongly recommended but not required
  2. In accordance with the State of Pennsylvania EMS training guidelines, the student must possess the sensory acuity and the physical ability to perform all of the diagnostic, therapeutic, and communication functions of a paramedic. Please contact the Center for a Functional Job Description of the Paramedic and a detailed list of the sensory and physical requirements for the Paramedic program.

Enrollment Section

Once you have been admitted to the program, you will need to complete the following to complete your enrollment and secure your seat:

  • Submit a non-refundable $300 deposit
  • Create an account at
    • Complete background check at
    • Upload the following to your profile:
      • A completed physical examination form
      • Results of blood titers to verify immunity to:
        • Hepatitis B
        • Varicella-zoster IgG IFA (Chicken Pox/Shingles)
        • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
        • RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagent)
      • Results of your TB skin test
      • Results of your 10 panel drug screen
      • Verification of the DT (Diphtheria/Tetanus) vaccine with 10 years of enrollment
      • Act 33/34 Clearance
      • Act 73 Clearance
      • Current PA EMT certification card
      • Current CPR (HealthCare Provider) card
      • Verification of health insurance
      • All other forms and paperwork from that have been downloaded reviewed and signed.

Flu Shot Verification

The Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., is a unit of UPMC and will require all students to obtain the flu shot. Proof of vaccination will need to be submitted to the program, no later than November 1st of each school year. If you have a known allergy or religious exception, notification to the school must be done no later than October 1st of each school year.