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Center History

Overview of the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.
The Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc. (CEM) is an independent 501(c)3 (Type 1) organization founded in 1978 and is dedicated to improving emergency medical and prehospital care. CEM is comprised of a consortium of hospitals operated by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, including UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, UPMC Mercy and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. The organization currently consists of four divisions and employs more than 400 clinicians, educators and researchers throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Washington DC.

STAT MedEvac
STAT MedEvac is widely recognized as one of the premier air medical and critical care transportation services in the country. It currently operates 17 helicopter bases in four states. The organization transports more than 9,000 critical patients a year and has flown over 120,000 missions since it began operations in 1984.

Office of Education
The Office of Education is internationally recognized for its premier paramedic and EMT training programs and world-renowned faculty. Each year our accredited programs train hundreds of EMTs and paramedics in a variety of original and continuing education programs. The faculty and staff of the Office of Education are also tightly integrated with the University of Pittsburgh’s bachelor’s degree program in Emergency Medicine for those seeking a four-year degree. Since 1994, the vast majority of EMS providers in the United States have been trained using a National Standard Curriculum developed by our faculty.

Center for Research in Emergency Medical Services
The Center for Research in Emergency Medical Services is the nation’s most prolific research institution in the world for prehospital care and emergency medicine research. With several hundred publications in the past 30 years, studies conducted by our research faculty have had a significant impact on improving the care delivered to patients before they reach the hospital. Our research team is also world renowned for their work and have received dozens of awards from national associations like the American Heart Association for their numerous and valuable contributions to science.

Emed Health
Emed Health is the newest division of the Center for Emergency Medicine, but is one of the most experienced and longest running programs in the world that use emergency medical technicians and paramedics in community and public health initiatives. Emed Health has developed several programs that utilize highly trained, community-based EMS providers in prevention, screening and disease management initiatives designed to reduce health care costs and increase healthcare quality. These programs will not only make better use of EMS providers in their communities, but will help provide critical public health programs in underserved areas.