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In designing the program, the Office of Education has examined every aspect of the instructional process to ensure the highest quality of education is provided.  It has been our experience that students benefit from those instructors with strong educational background coupled with hands-on experience in emergency medicine.

Walt A. Stoy, PhD, EMT-P, CCEMT-P
Professor and Program Administrative Director

Walt Stoy, PhD is Professor and Director of Emergency Medicine at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and the Director of Educational and International Emergency Medicine at the Center for Emergency Medicine. As Director, Dr. Stoy oversees all of the education programs at CEM. He has over twenty-five years of experience in EMS. He was awarded his Doctorate of Philosophy in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education in Instruction and Learning with a concentration in Instructional Design Technology. Dr. Stoy also served as the founding President of the National Association of EMS Educators.

Thomas E. Platt, EdD, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P
Assistant Professor and Program Director

Thomas Platt, EdD, is a faculty member in the Emergency Medicine Program, University of Pittsburgh and Associate Director of the Office of Education at the Center for Emergency Medicine. As Associate Director of Education, Dr. Platt manages all of the EMS-related education programs sponsored by CEM. He has more than 25 years of experience in EMS and has served as principal investigator for the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bystander Care Project and the U.S. Department of Transportation First Responder National Standard Curriculum Project.  Dr. Platt completed his undergraduate degree in Public Administration at the University of Pittsburgh, a Master’s Degree in Adult Education at Penn State and a doctoral degree in Instructional Design at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education.

N. Alex Cutsumbis, BS, NREMT-P
Medical Education Coordinator

As Coordinator of Medical Education, Mr. Cutsumbis teaches, coordinates and runs most of the medical education programs offered by the Center for Emergency Medicine.  He is responsible for coordination of the ACLS, CPR, ITLS, AMLS and EVOC courses.  He is a lead lecturer and lab instructor for EMT-Basic classes.  Mr. Cutsumbis also manages and maintains all equipment used in practical lab sessions.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh and is a graduate of the Center for Emergency Medicine’s paramedic program.  Prior to entering EMS as a career Mr. Cutsumbis held various jobs in the IT field, this technology experience combined with EMS and education has provided a strong background in healthcare simulation.  

Benjamin Ellis, BS, NREMT-P
Clinical Education Coordinator

Prior to college, Mr. Ellis attended the EMT program at the CEM where he obtained my EMT-B. He worked as an EMT-B as he attended The University of Pittsburgh majoring in Emergency Medicine. During my schooling, he served as a student instructor of freshman seminar for science majors, and lead instructor for EMT-B Lab and CPR. He then obtained my Paramedic through the CEM Emergency Medicine program, followed by my Critical Care, and EMS Instructor certifications. As he finished his degree, he worked full time as a Paramedic while teaching EMT-B lab and functioning as primary author in IRB approved Pain Management Research. After graduating, he continued to work full time as a Paramedic and part-time as an instructor for the CEM until recently joining the CEM as Clinical Educator Coordinator and an EMT-B Lead Instructor. It is his responsibility to manage the continued education programs through the CEM, as well as the annual Tools & Talent Conference.